Our Mission

Tiny House Campers exists solely to provide fellow travelers with the feeling of being at home while exploring the best parts of New Zealand.

Our Essence

At our core we opporate on innovation, individuality and above all, freedom.

Our Promise

We provide fully functional carefree accommodation and traveling solutions for those of us that want to explore the edges of the map in style.

Our Vibe

At Tiny House Campers we dream, we design and then we create. We have countless hours of  New Zealand vanlife experience and we will never stop improving on it.

Who are we?

Tiny House Campers first started with a collaboration between an aircraft designer/ builder and a mechanical engineer that are all about escaping into the New Zealand outdoors. On our missions we saw that most of the campervans available in a country that is famous for the outdoors are not up to date with current technology. They were missing character and that homely feeling that you get when visiting a family holiday home. So we done what we do best, we innovated and in the process we set the standards higher.

Every time we made an improvement we would go out on the road and test it to see how functional it really is in the environment that we built it for. This would of course lead to more innovation so the process would repeat until we got to where we are now.

We love this country and we truly believe that the best way to achieve a sense of freedom while your here is by choosing the right holiday home then taking it to where the view is.